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- Mission statement -

I began teaching in 2003. Since then my teaching practice has grown from strength to strength to what it is today. 


I now live in Barry and teach from my home here,

where I teach all ages and all abilities in a fun and relaxed enviroment.



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I work professionally as a live musician in a handful of acts. I also work as a studio session musician with which I have worked on some wonderful projects, one of which i am proud to say was the 2012 Olympic games soundtrack.

My lessons are tailored specifically to the students needs, which varies from person to person.


I studied music for four years at Wells cathedral school on a Dfee scholarship 

I have a degree in music from the Royal welsh college of music and drama.


Taking exams is optional and not essential.

If you do wish to take exams I work with many leading examining boards such as, ABRSM, Trinity / guildhall, RGT and Rock school.


I can to this date boast a 100% pass rate in both practical and theory exams


Theory is also optional though I do strongly recomend it, especially for students at higher levels and therefore try to work it as naturally as possible into the lessons.

I also offer help and tuition with GCSE / ALEVEL music and music production. 


Most importantly I like to keep lessons fun so the student is always looking forward to his / her next lesson.


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